If you wish to contact Trustees, please email them at enquiries@rma.org.uk making it clear in the subject that your communication is for Trustees' attention and, if it is for a specific Trustee or Trustees, to whom your email is addressed and Central Office will forward it to them.


Ronald (Ron) Bell

Corps Representative Trustee

Craig Riach

Corps Representative Trustee

David Paul Mason

Corps Representative Trustee

Edward Musto

Honourary Treasurer

David Andrew (Andy) Bennett

Midlands Region Trustee

Ralph Eales

Northern Region Trustee

Paul Deacon


David Wilson

Scotland and Northern Ireland Region Trustee

Richard Crawley

South East Region Trustee

Paul Richardson

South West Region Trustee

Derek Sargent

Specialist - Families Trustee

Kim Richardson

Specialist - Finance Trustee

Brian Reading

Specialist - Fundraising Trustee

Paul Sheridan

Specialist - Legal Trustee

Geoffrey Salvetti

Specialist - Welfare Trustee

Darren Egan