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Support Jon Meen's Iron Man Competition!


A message from From Alan Midedleton-Stewart (North East Suffolk Branch) 

All RMA members, 

This is a plea to publicise the heroic efforts of Jon Meen, from the North East Suffolk branch, on behalf of the RMA.  

Jon has entered the “Iron Man” competition which takes place on Sunday the 16th July 2017 at  Bolton.  Please do what you can to support Jon.

Jon joined the Royal Marines  in March 2000 and served in Afghanistan in 2002, being based at Bagram air base and providing convoy protection to vehicles travelling to Kabul.  In January 2003 he sailed with the UK task force from Marchwood for deployment to Iraq where 3 Cdo Bde RM was dug in on the Iraq / Kuwait border, being the first into Iraq as spear-point on 20th March. Regrettably a good friend of Jon's  who passed out of training with him, Marine Sholto "Sonic" Hedenskog, 25, from South Africa, was killed on 21st March 2003, one day after the war started. It is in his memory, and that of Matthew Ford killed in Afghanistan on 15th Jan 2007 and also Yohan Voges killed whilst on adventure training in Turkey in 2004, that Jon is dedicating this Ironman event to rising money for the Royal Marines Association.   Please check his link.

You will see there is a misprint in the funds he is trying to raise.  It should read £20000 not £2000!  By mistake Jon left off one of the “0”s.  If every member of the R.M.A. can Gift Aid a  minimum of £2.00  and your wives and partners to do the same  that would raise over £10000.00   If you could ask your friends  and  relatives to Gift Aid the same minimum of  £2.00  {more if you or they can make it} he will soon top the £20000.00  for the benefit of the R.M.A.

In order to complete the Iron Man competition Jon has to swim 2.4 miles, then cycle 112 miles before finally running 26.2 miles to raise money for this fantastic charity that does so much to support wounded Royal Marines and bereaved families of those whom made the ultimate sacrifice.

I could not do the Iron Man competition in one go, even when I was in the Corps.  Each part individually, perhaps, but all together…I doubt it!    Come on Royal, please donate and then Gift Aid just a minimum of £2.00  and ask your friends to do the same.

Thank you in anticipation.

Alan Middleton-Stewart

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