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Special Announcement From The RMA Board Of Trustees


Statement from the Royal Marines Association Board of Trustees

RMA National Membership Subscriptions to be stopped from 9 November 2018

Access to all members of our Corps Family to the Royal Marines Association is a founding principle of the RMA and is essential if we are to maximise the benefits of membership, whether that be comradeship, welfare, transition or commemoration.  Therefore, growing our Association is essential. Trustees believe that free life membership of your regimental association is an appropriate recognition of your service, your financial support through the Day’s Pay Giving Scheme and the consistent support of your family, all of which has hugely benefitted our Corps Family. 

Whilst the current level of subscriptions is modest, they are a constraint for some potential members, especially those members of our Corps Family who are most vulnerable.  So, at the 2018 AGM, Trustees discussed with members the suggestion of stopping subscriptions in order to allow the membership of the RMA to grow, unfettered by the financial means of the individual member.  Following the AGM, Trustees agreed that, with effect from 09 Nov 2018, membership subscriptions will no longer be required to be a member of the RMA. 

Your current Membership Card will remain valid until it expires, at which time it will be replaced by a new membership card, which will last 10 years.  We are awaiting confirmation of the details of the proposed Veterans ID Card (the MOD 91) before we decide whether to revamp the existing membership card. 

Clearly, the loss of subscriptions income has been carefully considered by Trustees, noting that running a subscriptions scheme actually costs the RMA over £45,000 per year (nearly half our subscriptions income).  We are content that until the proposed merger is enacted, we have sufficient funds to manage this deficit.  Thereafter, the Trustees of The Royal Marines Charity have agreed to fund membership operations, as it currently does for the welfare operations.  In order to make this more achievable, members are encouraged to make donations to the Royal Marines Charity.  This decision has been made possible now by a recent generous legacy, which recognised the enduring benefits of membership of our Association.  We are convinced that in enabling free, life-long membership to all members of the Corps Family in recognition of their Service, that legacy will be far greater and longer lasting than the benefactor could ever have imagined. 

Clearly, there are a number of detailed questions that many of you will have, and so a list of Frequently Asked Questions is attached to this message.  If you have additional questions, please send them to, or call 02392-651519. 

This is an historic change for the RMA, but is one that allows a Royal Marine’s service (and that of their Family) to be recognised for the rest of his/her life, and thereby, enables all members of the Corps Family to enjoy the benefits of membership, regardless of their personal circumstances.  In doing so, we believe that we are truly honouring the refrain “Once a Royal Marine, Always a Royal Marine”.

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Attached: List of Frequently Asked Questions & The Royal Marines Charity Direct Debit Donations Form

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