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RMA - The Way Ahead


Over the past months the Membership Committee has been considering the direction in which to steer the RMA over the next few years.  Their collective thinking has been condensed into a short paper entitled ‘RMA – The Way Ahead’ that presents a vision for growth, participation, modernisation and prevention.  Some of the more detailed thinking that sits behind RMA – The Way Ahead paper has been compiled in a Supporting Paper.  Both papers have been posted on the website at the following links:

RMA – The Way Ahead –

Supporting Paper –

In order to ensure that we are all pulling in the same direction, the Membership Committee is keen to hear your views on the future of the RMA.  To that end, you may wish read the short paper entitled ‘RMA – The Way Ahead’ and offer any comments that you feel may add value, consulting the supporting papers should you feel it necessary.  Please send any comments in writing to . Please do not send your responses to any of the Central Office staff members or the Membership Secretaries as they risk getting overlooked during the summer leave period.   The deadline for your response is 26 Sep 2020

Please note that we will not be responding to every email (other than for clarification where necessary), but be assured that your views will be compiled with all the others and considered by the Membership Committee on 2 Oct 2020 in order to determine where the consensus lies, prior to the paper going to the Board of RMA – The Royal Marines Charity on 14 Oct 2020 for approval.  

Given that Central Office is still working from home for the time being, email responses are much preferred.  However, should you wish to post your responses, please send them to:

Richard Spencer

RMA - The Royal Marines Charity

Building 72




We look forward to hearing from you.

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