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As announced on 29 Oct 18, membership of the RMA is now free to all those who meet the eligibility criteria (in brief, any serving and former RMs, any rank who has served in an RM unit, anyone who has served in one of the Army Commando units or passed the All Arms Commando Course, RM Cadets and their Instructors, and our close family members).  So, if you know members of the Corps Family who are not yet members of their Association, please encourage them to join by pointing them in the direction of the RMA Website .  Please note that new members will not be automatically enrolled, they must apply in person.   New Associate Members will need a Full Member to sponsor them.  If for any reason this is not possible, please contact the Membership Secretary (details below). 

In addition, we remind you that any existing payments to the RMA by standing order will now be rejected and all existing direct debits to the RMA have been cancelled.  Should you still wish to make a contribution to the running of your Association, you can now make a donation to the Royal Marines Charity at  

If you have any questions on this matter, please read the announcement and FAQs at or email the Membership Secretary on or call her on 02392 651519

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