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Reunion of Kings Squad 12th May 1967


Andy Holloway and Colin De La Cour are trying to contact as many of their old Squad members as possible with the intent of getting as many of them together to celebrate the 50th year after they passed out as Kings Squad on 12 May 1967. This get together is also advertised on page 61 of the Globe & Buster Jan/Feb 17 edition.

If you are one of these members and would like to get involved in this reunion, please email Andy Holloway:​

Please see the 'mug shots' above and click to enlarge to view their names and details

JE 29 - 26th April 1966 - 12th May 1967

JE29 was made up of 3 intakes, JE29 in March 1966, JE29A this day 1966 and JE29B, only 10 strong, in early June 1966. Unfortunately none of these intakes were large enough to train alone so they all joined together as JE29, with a commencement of training date of 26th April 1966. 36 weeks at Deal, which included 2 weeks at HMS Bellorophan, [HMS Volage] and 3 weeks at Boom Defense Depot, Loch Ewe. Juniors did the same at Rct at ITCRM less Rct 1st week. JE29 'moved' to ITCRM together with 854 in Jan 1967, but were King's squad a week before 854 in May 1967.

Lengths of training varied during the '70s as several different training syllabuses were 'invented', ditched and then 'reinvented'! There was even a stage when Rcts 'earned' their Green Berets at Week 16, then did a further 12/14 weeks training, before King's Squad!! And somebody got a BEM for that 'brilliant' idea!

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