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North Devon Branch Annual Regimental Dinner


On the 9th June and by kind permission of Commando Logistic Regiment RM, WO1 (RSM) Tim Jukes RM 77 members and guests of the branch descended on the WO&SNCOs Mess on the occasion of the North Devon Annual Regimental Dinner.

Formal guests included, Brigadier Richard Spencer CBE RM and Sandra, Major Luke Davies RM – CLR 2 I/C and Melody, Major Martyn Heenan RM, OC 11 ATTRM, Instow, WO1 (RSM) Phil Gilby MBE RM and Anita and WO1 (RSM) Tim Jukes RM – RSM of Cdo Logs.

With welcome drink in hand the gathering moved to the back patio for Mess Beatings by the Bideford Youth Pipe Band.  Quoting Brigadier Spencer – “In 37 years in the Corps I have never attended Mess Beatings by a pipe band and a good one at that.”

Ably supervised by WO2 Jacko Jackson RM and assisted by Compass Mess Manager, Tonia Watts the evening flowed with a 4 course dinner, port fines, and addresses from Chairman – John Peel and guest of honour Brigadier Spencer.  Presentations were made to “Unsung Hero” Dave Rowland, flowers to Fran Rivenberg having stood down as Treasurer and RSM Jukes as he was leaving CLR before our next gathering.  As WO2 Shearsby had become Mr Shearsby it was not to go unnoticed and he and his wife Sue were Quaiched.  The Chairman, John Peel, received a presentation picture from RSM Tim and silver Commando Dagger from Brigadier Spencer on behalf of the branch.  These will be displayed in the newly placed RMA Branch display cabinet next to the Ajax Bay Room.

Eventually retiring from the dining area at around 2300 there was a disco and late bar until 0100 and a little mine sweeping ensured those who hadn’t purchased extra drinks had something to quench their thirsts into the small hours with the last to leave departing at 0330. 

A great evening was had by all.

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