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Royal Marines PTIs are not known for being shy retiring types, or doing things by halves. So it should come as no surprise that the RMA PT Reunion Branch has just produced this full-length video, with Branch members in the leading roles, as part of its RMA recruitment drive.

If you can’t find a quarter of an hour to view the whole thing, we’d urge you to watch the first minute, and the last five. What the members have to say about their Branch and the benefits of belonging, and the sheer sense of pride that comes across in every word, is incredibly inspiring. As Honorary Secretary and former PTI John Farlie puts it: “People say you shouldn’t dwell on the past. But 23 years of somebody’s life, with all the friends that you make and the comrades you have? It’s a brotherhood – and it’s nice to keep in touch with that brotherhood.”

We’d like to congratulate the PTIs on a great piece of work. But if you don’t have the skills, time or budget to follow their example, don’t be put off. What the video demonstrates is the importance of telling your story, in whatever way is right for you. By the very nature of lives and careers, we all have amazing tales to tell: when people hear at first hand what being a Royal Marine and RMA member means to you, the effect is incredibly powerful.

This personal approach is the basis of our member-get-member recruitment campaign. As you’ll be aware, we’ve set ourselves the target of doubling our membership: ambitious, yes, but all it takes is for each of us to recruit just one person, and we’ll get it done. Not only that, every new recruit means another member of the wider RM family who benefits from our advice, support and comradeship.

RMA membership is open to former and serving RMs, their families and anyone who supports our work and values. If you know someone who really should be with us, encourage them to watch the video, and then to join at And if you’d like copies of the latest RMA recruitment leaflet, please contact Central Office on and we’ll be happy to send you as many as you need!

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