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Please see below (and attached) the instruction for the Royals and Ancients' July Golf Challenge. This month is called Regulation Golf, and it means you've got a chance of scoring something on every hole even if something goes horribly wrong because it rewards different parts of your game. Unfortunately we didn't manage to organise the Challenge for June, but the winner of the Three Club Challenge in May was Jack Fleming who scored 30 points on 23 May 2018, narrowly beating his opponent, Keith Stanton, by a point!  Well done Jack!

Regulation Golf!

Welcome to the second of the Royals & Ancients 2018 Golf Challenges, which must be completed before close of play on Tue 31 July, with photos of properly completed cards submitted to me by 1200 on 1 Aug.

Normal rules of golf apply throughout this challenge which is designed to help you use your handicap to score points.

Instead of Stableford points, you only score by:

  • Hitting the fairway off the tee (1 pt)
  • Hitting the green in regulation, taking your handicap into account (1 pt if in regulation, 2pts if 1 shot better with handicap)
  • Taking only 2 putts (with putter on the green) or fewer (2 putts = 1 pt, 1 = 2)
  • Chipping in from off the green (3 pts)

So, for example, on a Par 4 (SI 1), a 19+ handicapper (who get 2 shots on the hole) hits a blinder off the tee and finds the fairway for 1 pt.  His second is a bit short, but he cosies the ball up next to the pin with his third.  With 2 extra shots on this hole because of his handicap, he would be expected to hit the green with his 4th shot, so he earns 2 pts for going one better.  He sinks the gimme putt for another two points – a total of 5 points for that hole.  On the next Par 3 he has a nightmare, losing his ball OOB off the tee, then finding a bunker, splashing out and eventually holing it after 2 putts, a total of 6 strokes, but still earning a point for 2 putts. 

Landing on the green on a Par 3 with no shots awarded, would be 1 pt for green in regulation but no pts for fairway as there was not one.  With a handicap you just add a point. And, a hole-in-one would be at least 1 pt for hitting the green in regulation (depending on handicap) and 3 points for no putts.

Any questions e-mail or text me., 07966 435532, or use the Corps Golf WhatsApp Group.

Have Fun!

By Rick Hall

July 2018 Regulation Golf Challenge Download

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