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Over our 352-year history, we’ve seen enormous changes in every aspect of Royal Marines life, from our weapons and uniform to our communications, tactics and theatres of operation. One thing, however, remains absolutely central and fundamental to the Bootneck’s morale, effectiveness and sense of purpose. We’re talking, of course, about tea!

It is, quite literally, impossible to imagine serving in the Corps without regular access to a hot wet. Which explains why one of the biggest sellers in the RM Shop is the Royal Marines Thermal Mug. Made from stainless steel, with the globe-and-laurel crest engraved on the lid, it keeps the vital, sustaining brew at the perfect temperature for up to four hours.

So, we’re delighted to present one of these life-enhancing accessories to John Byers, who’s the winner in our January prize draw. Jonathan has been a Full Member on the HQ Roll since way back in 2009, but activated his online account only last month – proving that it’s never too late to get started. And if you’ve not activated your account yet either, now would be a good time. All you have to do is click on the link below and follow the instructions (don’t forget you’ll need to provide a current email address). A couple of minutes, half-a-dozen clicks and you’re all done; and if you complete the process before 28 February, you’ll get an automatic FREE entry in our next draw, which we’ll announce in early March. 

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