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Coming Soon To Portsmouth Historic Dockyard


Coming soon to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

We are committed to opening a new Royal Marines Museum in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, and work is now underway. Now is the time for us all to work together and support the need for the Royal Marines to have a museum that is worthy of its 355-year and unique history that recalls the sacrifice and service of the countless thousands of Royal Marines who have supported the nation through the darkest times.

The new museum

The new Royal Marines Museum, at the very heart of Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, will place the 355-year history of the Royal Marines firmly within the story of the Royal Navy.

For the first time the story of the Royal Marines – a national story, but also a story with impact across the globe – will be told in a building appropriate to its scale. The National Museum’s vision for the museum has developed following extensive audience research, consultation and activity planning and will transform access to this story, developing exciting new programmes and activities, and increasing visitors four-fold.


The museum will be at the heart of sharing the on-going story of the Royal Marines. We will be a new national centre to inspire learning, enjoyment and engagement, with the Corps, its operations, its ethos, its people and their unique history and achievements. We want visitors to understand that:

  • Since 1664 the Royal Marines have developed a distinctive capability, tradition and identity - one of ‘soldier and sailor too’.
  • The Royal Marines are the nation’s amphibious force which has made, and continues to make, an impact around the globe at sea and on land, in peace and in war.
  • The versatility of the Corps of Royal Marines has enabled it to evolve and embrace many different roles across four centuries.
  • Unique training earns Royal Marines Commandos the Green Beret and creates the ‘Commando Spirit’ – marked by courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness in the face to adversity.

Help us tell the Royal Marines story inside a brand new museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. We need you! We need to raise another £5 million to make our aspirations a reality. 






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