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Charles Forrest’s 96th Birthday!


The 18th February was Veteran PTI (& former Corps Heavy weight boxing Champion) Charles Forrest’s 96th Birthday!

On behalf of all serving and former PTI’s I have sent our very best wishes to Charles.

Having some memory problems, Charles is now resident in Erskine Care Home for Ex-Servicemen at Bishopton, Renfrewshire PA7 5PU – in Ramsey House. One of his regular visitors, who keeps an eye on Charles is President of the RMA Glasgow, Waring McMillen, who has provided wonderful support.

However, as always with Charles life is not straightforward and he fell over and dislocated his hip yesterday and was transferred to The Royal Alexander Hospital in Paisley, where he is now in recovery. Fortunately, the doctors did not have to operate and were able to manually reset his hip.

In a true gesture of real Corps & PT Branch support, Waring visited Charles at 2pm this afternoon, along with Unit PTI Sgt Benny Benson, from 43 Commando RM, kindly arranged by the AIPTRM WO1 Sully O’Sullivan RM. Benny presented Charles with a PT Branch sweatshirt for when he starts PT Prac. again and I was able to arrange a very nice PT Branch birthday cake from us all, for which Charles was delighted when I spoke to him!

Some of you may remember Charles attending most of our PT Reunions until recent circumstances prevented it. I am attaching a photo of him on the cover of one of our previous PT Newsletters. Charles epitomises the true PT Branch spirit and should you wish to perhaps send a get-well card to dear Charles, please send to:

Charles Forrest, Ward 22 (Orthopaedics),
Royal Alexander Hospital, Corsbar Road,
Paisley, Renfrewshire, PA2 9PN.

Hopefully, his stay in hospital will be short and we send him our very best wishes for a full recovery.

With all good wishes,

Peter Brown, PT Branch

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