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BFBS Forces Money Week: 16 – 20 Oct


Forces Money Week: We're Here To Help You With Your Financial Worries

“Can I keep my mobile phone contract if I’m posted to Cyprus?”. “Should I be planning a private pension for when I leave the forces”. “Is there any help available to purchase a house while I’m overseas?” If these questions are keeping you up at night, we might just be able to help.

From 16th -20th October a team of financial experts will join Richard Hutchinson on Forces Radio BFBS & on Facebook Live to answer your questions.

From pensions to debt, investments to mortgages. If you have something you want to ask email

Each day from 1:45pm UKT join us live all week on your radio and through Facebook as we answer your money questions from around the forces world. Each day we will be tackling a different subject.

Find out more about getting MoneyFit with MoneyForce, a service provided by the Royal British Legion.

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