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Following the recent announcement to stop requiring subscriptions for membership of the RMA, there has been a welcome increase in applications for both national membership (HQ Roll) and branch membership.  However, it is apparent that some potential members think that they will be enrolled automatically – THEY WON’T!   We cannot automatically enrol prospective members as we need their name, service number, date of birth, current address and other contact details in order to enrol them.  More importantly, GDPR requires us to have the permission of the individual before we enrol them and start sending them membership information.  

Now that membership is free, if people want to join the RMA, they should go to the following webpage or call 02392651519.  

Please share this message so that we can continue to grow our Association and keep in touch with as many of our oppos as possible, whilst helping those in need.  


Richard Spencer (Chief Executive)

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