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As Royal Marines, we’re courageous, confident, trained to weigh up the odds in a given situation and be relentlessly competitive. All of which might explain why so many of us are keen, capable and utterly ruthless card-players.


With this in mind, the winner of our November draw will receive a handsome set of Royal Marines playing cards, exclusive to, and generously provided by, our good friends at the RM Shop. And while you’re fleecing your oppos at poker, trouncing your opponents at bridge, or just playing pontoon with the kids, you can use these cards to teach (or remind) them about our glorious history, too. Each suit is in one of our Corps’ colours: clubs are yellow, representing the ‘old gold’ of the original 1775 uniform; diamonds are green, recalling the uniform worn by the Light Infantry. Hearts are red, the colour of the Infantry Tunic worn until 1876; and spades are blue, to show that we’re part of the Naval Service.


To be in with a chance of winning, just click on this link to activate your online account, which gives you access to our full range of information and services, ensuring you get the most from your membership. Entries for this month’s draw close on 31 November, and we’ll announce the winner in December. Good luck!

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