Denis Gregory Re Awarded Ww2 War Medals At Socially Distanced Ceremony In Sheffield 030620 Credit Royal Navy 0

Navy Community Helps Replace WWII Veteran's Stolen Medals


Ninety-three-year-old veteran Denis Gregory had his medals stolen when his home was burgled.   Royal Marine Drummers assist in presentation of new medals. The naval community has helped replace a Second World War veteran's stolen medals. Denis Gregory, who survived the Atlantic Convoys... Read more »


The Bowra Foundation


Marks Story In 2014, Lt Col Mark Bowra (SBS) MBE suffered a major stroke. At the pinnacle of his career, he was a decorated Officer in UK Special Forces. He had tested himself in some of the most arduous environments known to man. All that changed in a matter of minutes when he suffered a massive... Read more »

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The Royal Marines Shop - Commando 80 Silver Plated Luxe Coin


Please show your support to The Royal Marines Charity during these difficult times. RMA-The Royal Marines Charity is proud to announce, in celebration of the 80th anniversary of the formation of the Commandos, the creation of a limited-edition commemorative coin with all profits going to the char... Read more »

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Fraud and 'Phishing': the clues to look for


THINK ... 1) Were you expecting the email? 2) Does it address you by name? 3) If its from someone you know, does it look right? 4) Is there an attachment? Don’t open! 5) Does the link & email match the organisation/ company it is supposed to be from? 6) Are you asked to ring... Read more »

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Combat Stress Are Here to Help


It's completely normal to experience a range of emotions right now. You may find yourself feeling low in mood, anxious, sad, confused and even angry – these are normal human responses to these uncertain and confusing times. Rest assured you share these feelings with the majority of the planet cur... Read more »

Armed Forces Day 1

Support Armed Forces Day From Your Home


That National Event in Scarborough, scheduled for June 27th, has been cancelled but there are still many ways we can show our support for our Armed Forces from our homes. You can get involved online via Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date and show our Armed Forces how important they ar... Read more »

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The Polish D-Day Story


The Polish D-Day Story Live starts on Saturday 6th June at 4pm British Summer time The story of the Polish role during the invasion of Normandy, presented in English, includes interviews details of how the Polish Air Force, Army and Navy played i... Read more »


Alcohol Top Tips From Pam!


Now I have your attention, this isn’t a guide of where to find cheap drink or the quickest way to get hammered, this is a guide for those who may want to consider managing the way they drink or even, have a period of complete abstinence from alcohol. So, you may be asking yourself ‘why the hell... Read more »

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There will be no repnet sent out tomorrow- 29th May. The next Repnet will be sent out on Thursday 4th June 2020. . Read more »

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