Supersession Of The Commandant General Royal Marines Cgrm

Supersession of the Commandant General Royal Marines (CGRM)


Today, a formal Supersession of the Commandant General Royal Marines (CGRM) took place at CTCRM, where Maj Gen CR Stickland CBE handed over the Head of Fighting Arm role of CGRM to Maj Gen Matt Holmes CBE DSO. The handover ceremony took place in the Drill Shed at Commando Training Centre Roya... Read more »

Rm Ladies

The RM Ladies Survival Weekend


Borne from a pipe-dream of joining Bear Grylls on his remote Pacific island, Sam McMaster always had a longing of ditching all mod cons and home comforts and putting her survival skills to the test. All it took was running this idea past a few other ‘Charity Challenge’ loving fellow RM wives and... Read more »

Gig Launch Reduced

New RMA Gig Club formed


An RMA gig club has been formed and is based in the Camber at Royal Marine Barracks Stonehouse.  The photo is the first launch of the gig Trafalgar; they have had 4 training sessions so far and a great improvement in their skills can be seen already Some may be interested to know that there we... Read more »

Globe and Laurel

Lord Ashdowns Memorial Service


Lord Ashdown’s memorial service will be held at Westminster Abbey on Tuesday 10 September 2019 at 1200, although attendees should be seated by 1100. There will be no formal reception afterwards. Any serving or retired RM (and wife/partner) who knew and worked with Lord Ashdown and who would like t... Read more »

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RMA FC Trip to Malta


The RMA Football Club recently completed their first overseas football tour to Malta where the team were hosted by the Malta RMA and Malta FA.  If you have ever played Football to any standard or just enjoy the game why not join the RMA Football Branch on the website. https://royalmarinesass... Read more »

Graspan 2019



Delighted to report that the Graspan Memorial on the Mall has been already be cleaned and is now as it should be, pride of place in our nation’s capital.  Huge thanks to Royal Parks who reacted so promptly to this disgraceful and disrespectful act of vandalism, and to Jim Ellard (Chairman of RMA... Read more »

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