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A Message From Mark Ormrod


I apologise in advance for this but for the next couple of weeks whilst I’m away at the games I’m gonna be posting A LOT about #NoLimits - The Documentary because it’s gonna be available to watch for free over on my YouTube channel (the links below) The reason for this is that I want it to.... Read more »

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Train Free With Be Military Fit


GIVING BACK TO THE ARMED FORCES COMMUNITY This year, BMF launched a new initiative to offer free fitness classes to ex-serving or current serving members of the Armed Forces. As a company founded by ex-soldiers, that employs over 400 military fitness instructors to deliver outdoor fitness classes.... Read more »

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Possible Situation Vacant - CCF Adjutant At Millfield School


PRINCIPAL ROLE Whilst guidance, policy and direction will come directly from the Contingent Commander (CC), the CCF Adjutant will play a central and fundamental role in the day-to-day operational running and setting up of the new Combined Cadet Force (CCF) at Millfield School. In addition, dep.... Read more »

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The RMA Wellness Programme-October 2018


 The RMA Wellness ProgrammeOctober  BOOSTING YOUR ENERGY LEVELS In some workplace surveys, over 50% of the workforce report lack of energy to be a major factor in their lives. Many people do not understand why they lack energy and follow daily lifestyle habits that reduce energy levels. If you w.... Read more »

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Northern Ireland Operational Legacy Inquiries


You will be aware from the media of the ongoing work to support both Coroners’ Inquests in Northern Ireland and ongoing Criminal Investigations concerning deaths and other potentially criminal matters during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.  Some of these investigations involve veterans and serv.... Read more »

Je 30 Squad Reunion 1

JE 30 Squad Reunion at RMA Families Weekend


Written by Dave Haddon Tuesday 6th September 1966 Deal Railway Station, Kent, 60+ young souls arrived throughout the day, they were met by two Royal Marine Commandos, one had two stripes(Corporal) and the other three stripes(Sergeant). Ushered politely onto the back of a lorry (4 Ton RL) and tak.... Read more »

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