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Website Server Update


Please be aware that the RMA Website server will be conducting a routine update from 23:59PM on Wednesday 20th June 2018 until approximately 04:00AM on Thursday 21st June 2018.  During this period, our website will not be available.. Read more »

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Don Ottigon Funeral


Don Ottigon, a WWII Royal Marine who is also related by marriage to a serving RM, passed away recently.  Don served in HMS Devonshire and HMS Formidable as a gunner.  His funeral will be held at 1200 on 19 Jun 18 at Guilford Crematorium. The RM Band is providing a Bugler. Don’s widow is the.... Read more »

Cockleshell Endeavour



‘LOSS OF SIGHT DOESN’T HAVE TO MEAN LOSS OF VISION’ Starting June 2018, former Royal Marine Commandos Mick Dawson and Steve Sparkes will row 2,400 miles from California to Hawaii in ‘The Great Pacific Race’. It will take them and a fleet of up to twenty competitors,.... Read more »

Volunteer Cadet Corps Logo

Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps


The Royal Marines Volunteer Cadet Corps helps young people develop into responsible and dependable members of society. We are looking for new volunteers in Arbroath, Lympstone, Plymouth and Portsmouth. If you are leaving the Corps but would like to pass on your skills to the next generation, why.... Read more »

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Message from Corps RSM:


I have had a request from the family of former serving RM, Alex PAJ Wilson, for RMA Standard Bearers to be present at his funeral service on Thu 17 May 2018. The service is to take place at 1000 hrs at the Weston Mill Crematorium, Plymouth. The family would like as many serving/ former RM rank.... Read more »

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