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Security And Entry Procedure For The Corps Family Weekend


Ladies and Gentlemen, To ensure that the entry into camp is as smooth and as safe as possible the following protocols will be in force for entry into CTCRM over the period of the Corps Family Weekend. Please adhere to the instructions below as failure to do so will result in refusal of entry o.... Read more »

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HMS Queen Elizabeth - Arrival in Portsmouth!


Please see the notice below sent to us by our colleagues in the RNA Central Office on the basis of the RMA being a member of the Confederation of Naval Associations. As you are probably aware through various media channels, HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH will enter Portsmouth Harbour at 07.... Read more »

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Business Opportunity for Retired Royal Marine


Fisher Patton and the Red Baron, run by former Royal Marine Alan Logan and his wife Sue is up for sale! This is due to illness and retirement. This is a brilliant opportunity for someone retired or just about to retire from the forces to provide themselves with a nest egg for their retireme.... Read more »

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629 Squad!


Were you in 629 Squad or do you know anyone who was? RMA Member Mr Robert Jones would love to hear from you. He is very keen to get back in touch with his old squad mates Please email (He has given permission for us to display his email address). Read more »


Royal Marines Rugby League Season 2017


2017 has been a difficult season for the RMRL due to lack of player and coach availability, unexpected activity, and opposition fixture changes. However, the management team has worked tirelessly to produce meaningful fixtures and provide solid training camps to ensure the season was successfu.... Read more »

The Amphibious Edge - Sgt Matt Burley

The Amphibious Edge – Complete!


Staying calm under pressure is second nature to any Royal, but Sgt Matt Burley has truly taken that statement to the next level. 2 weeks ago, Sgt Matt Burley completed the quite remarkable, Amphibious Edge. Over the 10 days, Matt travelled an incredible 34.46 miles underwater, completing 166 leng.... Read more »

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Royal Marines PTIs are not known for being shy retiring types, or doing things by halves. So it should come as no surprise that the RMA PT Reunion Branch has just produced this full-length video, with Branch members in the leading roles, as part of its RMA recruitment drive. If you can’t fi.... Read more »