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RMA Enquiries Contact Number


The RMA Enquiries Telephone number is temporarily unavailable.  Please call 07732 960324 and Tamsin will answer your call, if she is not on the phone already.  Alternatively, you can send her a text on the same number or send an email to Read more »

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Northern Ireland Operational Legacy Inquiries


You will be aware from the media of the ongoing work to support both Coroners’ Inquests in Northern Ireland and ongoing Criminal Investigations concerning deaths and other potentially criminal matters during the Troubles in Northern Ireland.  Some of these investigations involve veterans and serv.... Read more »

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RMA Full Members ROYAL MARINES ASSOCIATION – ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (SAT 15 SEP 18) - DRAFT AGENDA Reference: A.         The Bye-Laws of the Royal Marines Association Limited (Version 29 as at 12 Sep 16). B.         The Articles of Association of The Royal Marines Associa.... Read more »

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Corps Museum Update – Message from the Chair of Trustees


We have received the unwelcome news that the Heritage Lottery Fund has turned down our funding application for the SeaMore project. This  is bitterly disappointing to the team and the Corps family as well as our visitors and the other people who use the museum.  The project created a new Royal Mar.... Read more »

Fundraising at Asda Supermarket in Dagenham

Romford Branch Fundraising


Romford Branch has been extremely busy both on the fundraising and social side of Branch life over the last couple of months, we have some pictures to share to give you a flavour of what we get up to here in deepest (Essex and beyond). At the end of June we were fundraising at our local Asda Supe.... Read more »

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URGENT – Please be aware that a number of RMA emails accounts have been targeted by a spear-phishing attack from bogus clients demanding payment of invoices for thousands of pounds.  This is the fourth in a series of recent attacks on RMA emails. WE have also received spurious emails purporting.... Read more »

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