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As announced on 29 Oct 18, membership of the RMA is now free to all those who meet the eligibility criteria (in brief, any serving and former RMs, any rank who has served in an RM unit, anyone who has served in one of the Army Commando units or passed the All Arms Commando Course, RM Cadets and thei... Read more »

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Every year, the RMA organises a number of events to allow members of the Corps Family to come together in both comradeship and commemoration.  The current list of events in 2019 is on the Events Page of the RMA Website, Ticketing of these events is normally via the Lead Planner, or as advertised... Read more »

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Following the recent announcement to stop requiring subscriptions for membership of the RMA, there has been a welcome increase in applications for both national membership (HQ Roll) and branch membership.  However, it is apparent that some potential members think that they will be enrolled automati... Read more »

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Special Announcement From The RMA Board Of Trustees


Statement from the Royal Marines Association Board of Trustees RMA National Membership Subscriptions to be stopped from 9 November 2018 Access to all members of our Corps Family to the Royal Marines Association is a founding principle of the RMA and is essential if we are to maximise the benef... Read more »

Resettlement Fair

First Exhibitors announced for 2019 Resettlement Fair


Exhibitors include Amazon, JP Morgan, National Armed Policing and Willmott Dixon. This is an interactive event with the chance to chat to industry experts, explore a variety of career and lifestyle options and hear from former Royal Marines who have successfully made the transition to civilian em... Read more »

Days Pay Giving Through Service Pensions

Day's pay giving through service pensions


Throughout our service careers we have, often after some persuasion from the RSM, given a day's pay to the Royal Marines Charity.  However, when we leave the Corps this ceases. It seems odd that when our oppos and their families are most likely to need support, as we get older, we have stopped our... Read more »

Rma Romford 1 Min

RMA Romford Fundraising


The R.M.A. Romford Branch have just had another two day fundraiser for The Royal Marines Association and The Royal Marines Charity at a local supermarket where they were once again extremely well looked after (chocolate biscuits, coffee etc).  Since March of this year the romford Branch have bee... Read more »

Dartmoor Yomp Sportive 2019 31

Dartmoor Yomp


'The Dartmoor Yomp has been running since 2008 in various formats, using Bickleigh Barracks the home of 42 Commando RM, in all but one year since, for camping! eating, socialising and a base for the event.  Supporting RMA-The Royal Marines Charity, the Yomp has raised nearly £60,000.00 since its c... Read more »

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