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I just wanted to say thank you

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. I had a very serious spinal cord injury in June last year which has left me paralyzed from the chest down. The Royal Marines Charity has helped get me settled back into my house and back into life by helping me out financially, for this I am extremely grateful.
Royal Marine Veteran

In June 2016, former Royal Marine Josh Pelland was severely injured during a climbing accident in his hometown of Calgary, Canada. The accident left Josh paralysed from the chest down. Luckily, Josh had a strong support network around him, and was referred to us by his Royal Marine friends. Despite Josh being located in a remote area of Canada, we were able to liaise with the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League to request a visit from a Royal Canadian Legion caseworker.

The purpose of the caseworker visit was to complete a full assessment of needs, enabling us to consider the best way to assist. As a result of the visit, various items were identified that Josh needed, but would not be able to self-fund. Josh needed a specialist wheelchair, and chair-lift to allow safe entry/exit to the family home. Substantial building modifications, to suit his needs, had already been completed by his parents.

The Royal Marines Charity grant for £2000 contributed towards the purchase of a specialist wheelchair, which ensured that this young former Royal Marine remains as independent as possible.

A thank you letter from Josh demonstrates how our assistance has had a positive impact on his life;

“The RMA has helped get me settled back into my house and back into life by helping me out financially, for this I am extremely grateful”.

Josh then states how he “can really only attribute my ability to crack on from everything I've witnessed and learned from my time in the corps and all the inspirational stories and challenges others before me have overcome”.

Clearly demonstrating the Royal Marine Corps ethos/values, Josh has drawn positives from this challenge, and has now set his sights on competing in various physical competitions, including The Calgary Half Ironman!

We wish Josh and his family the best of luck with his continued recovery.

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