Thank you very much for the grant which arrived today
Royal Marine Veteran Read more »
The funding is without doubt life-changing
Royal Marine Veteran Read more »
I know he would want me to pass on his sincere thanks. He can now see a future which he was stuggling to see until this point.
SSAFA Caseworker Read more »
Thank you for your swift and generous assistance... a Royal Marine Corporal is an elite member of an elite organisation... I know if I see 'Wendy Sheen' on a communication, I have a friend on the case. We've never met but I admire her commitment to the Corps members past and present.
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I am truly grateful for this as it will enable me to get 'out and about' and live a more active life which has been severely restricted over the last year or so due to collapsed discs and sciatica.
Royal Marine Veteran Read more »
I was overwhelmed by your generosity
Wife of a Royal Marine Veteran Read more »
The Royal Marines Association not only makes a difference, it changes things, which is not something that can be honestly attributed to all veteran support networks.
Royal Marine Veteran Read more »
We feel privileged to have such kind people within the Royal Marines Corps Family.
Wife of Serving Royal Marine Read more »
People often take charities for granted and never think that one will ever need them, for which I have been guilty. But this experience has changed my chain of thought and will never take it for granted again
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