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  • I think I might be suffering with a mental health illness, can you help me?


    Either in the military environment or as a veteran, at some point nearly all of us will experience a mental illness to some degree. Why some people are affected more than others has no simple answer but nevertheless, for a short period, they may need assistance.

    We can help assess you. Your answers are confidential and will not be shared with anyone except the practitioners or staff who will be delivering your support. Please call 023 9254 7224 or email who will be able to advise you ok seeking appropriate support.

  • I was injured while serving in the Royal Marines, can I claim compensation?


    You can claim compensation if you were injured or got an illness while serving in the UK’s Armed Forces (including the Reserve Forces). You can claim for any type of injury or illness that happened as a result of your service, e.g. amputation, minor fracture or mental disorder. The compensation scheme your claim will be considered under depends on when you were injured (on or after 6 April 2005, or before April 2005).

    For more on eligibity and how to apply visit

  • How can I keep my family nearby when I'm recovering from injury or sickness during Service?


    When you get the phone call to say your loved one is seriously ill or wounded, the last thing you want to worry about is where you’ll stay to be near them. 

    SSAFA can provide you and your family with a safe and comfortable place to stay near your loved ones whilst they recover from illness or injury. 

    The 'Fisher House' home is located at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, SSAFA also provides homes in Selly Oak just a few minutes away from The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and at Headley near the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre. 

    You can find out more information at

Organisations who can help


Royal Marines Association Central Office
Building 72

01392-414360 or 07860-143778

RMA's Highlight

The RMA should be your first point of contact for welfare needs, guiding you through the SSAFA application process, or signposting to the best place. We also deliver the Royal Marines Support Network for the whole Corps Family.


The Royal Marines Association provides a national support and social network for you and your family, whatever stage you’re at in life and your Royal Marines career. As a member, you can benefit from camaraderie, connections, peace of mind, practical support, stability and mentoring.


Royal Marines Charity
Normandy Building
HMS Excellent, Whale Island

023 9387 1564

RMA's Highlight

Part of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity Group providing a focus for Royal Marines fundraising and grant-making.


The Royal Marines Charity (RM Charity) is the overarching fundraising and grant making charity for Royal Marines and their families. Money raised can be used for very wide purposes. We are here to provide through- life support to serving and retired Royal Marines and their families, and Royal Marines Cadets.


Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, Building 29
HMS Excellent
Whale Island

023 9387 1520

RMA's Highlight

Overarching fundraising and grant-making charity of the Naval Service to the Naval Family and Naval Charities.


The RNRMC provides through-life grants to the Naval Service Family. For those in uniform, the grants help boost morale, improve facilities and ease the pressure that life in the Service can bring. The RNRMC also provides valuable funds for naval and military charities that work with families and veterans -especially those experiencing difficulty with child support, ill-health, old age or hard times.


4 St Dunstan's Hill

0800 731 4880

RMA's Highlight

Cornerstone to many charities' benevolence processes providing 'Form A' case numbers, caseworkers and grant requests.


SSAFA provides lifelong support to those who are serving or who have ever served in the British Army, the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force, and their families. They offer practical, financial and emotional support to individuals facing issues ranging from financial hardship to homelessness to family breakdown. SSAFA's freephone number is open Monday-Friday 09:00 - 17:30.

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