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  • I'm about the leave the Royal Marines, where can I find guidance on career transition?


    During your resettlement process you may be advised to attend a career transition workshop, or you'll have a Resettlement Officer who will guide you to relevant organisations and courses. The official MOD programme is the tri-service 'Career Transition Partnership'. On their website you'll find resettlement guides, career courses and workshops, jobs and networking events.

    The Royal Marines Charity provides access to employment opportunities to those leaving the service:

    For those leaving through medical or administrative discharge, we provide an enhanced careers service, delivering careers advice and guidance and opportunities for funding. If you fall into these categories, please contact the Employment and Education team on or 01392 346421/9.

  • Where can I, or my partner/spouse, find free employability courses?


    Regardless of how long you served, the ‘LifeWorks’ programme is a fully funded 4-5 day course which equips former-Armed Forces personnel (including Royal Marines and Royal Marine Reservists) with the tools to get into, and maintain, a civilian job that is appropriate for them.

    ‘LifeWorks Families’ is a similar programme for spouses and partners of any serving (or recently discharged) member of the Armed Forces.

    The Programme is run by Royal British Legion Industries and is funded by Charitable Trusts and Foundations, Armed Forces Charities and Covenant Funding.

    To find out more, visit:

Organisations who can help


The Royal Marines Charity
Commando Training Centre Royal Marines
Lympstone, Devon

0 23 9387 4665‬

RMA's Highlight

The business community needs trustworthy, committed, hardworking people with the capacity to lead, manage and deliver; skills that a Royal Marine already possess. The RMC regularly promotes employment opportunities on their website.


The Royal Marines Charity understands the challenges faced by Royal Marines trying to find a meaningful second career. Concentrating particularly on Royal Marines whose service has been cut short due to medical or administrative discharge, the Charity works closely with businesses to provide careers advice, guidance and employment opportunities.


Naval Families Federation
Building 25
HMS Excellent

023 9265 4374

RMA's Highlight

Good at picking up complex issues you are struggling to resolve or where you have reached a dead-end through the normal channels.


The NFF offers Royal Naval and Royal Marines' families an independent voice and representation. They also provide support and guidance on the issues affecting daily life that occur due to being part of a Naval Service family.


The White Ensign Association Limited
HMS Belfast
Tooley Street

020 7407 8658

RMA's Highlight

Good one-to-one guidance and referrals in all matters of personal finance, second careers, business start-up and personal administration.


The White Ensign Association provides an unbiased, confidential and free advice service to serving and former members of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, their Reserves and Families on matters covering employment, finance, resettlement and personal administration. The Association is now firmly established as one of the prime links between the Royal Navy, the City, Commerce and Industry.


Mountbarrow House
6-20 Elizabeth Street

0800 307 7545

RMA's Highlight

Good at supporting the entrepreneur to make a success of their intended business plan.


X-Forces is a social enterprise that supports entrepreneurs in the military community. Working with Service-leavers, reservists, spouses, dependents, veterans and cadets, they provide business planning support and mentoring after the business is launched. As a delivery partner of The Start Up Loans Company X-Forces can facilitate access to government-backed seed-capital, which is often essential to enable business launch. X-Forces has supported over 470 people with over £4.9 million of Start-Up Loans.

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