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The Royal Marines Association provides a national support and social network for you and your family, whatever stage you’re at in your life and your Royal Marines career.

With your membership you'll receive: a membership card, our quarterly membership magazine 'Homeport' and member-only offers and services. Further down this page you'll also see other benefits our members tell us they value the most.

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  • Receive our official membership card

  • Access guides on fitness and wellbeing that have been written for RMA members by former Royal Marines Physical Training Instructor, Peter Brown MBE MSc

  • Visit the Commando Training Centre, Lympstone, during our annual Corps Family weekend; order Mountbatten Festival of Music tickets before they go on sale and attend, or join in with, other key Corps Family events

  • Apply for free tickets to selected family days out

  • Search for and connect with other members who may be lost friends or oppos

  • Access members-only discounts

  • Apply for, and monitor, requests for tailored welfare support

  • Join as many RMA (physical and virtual) branches and clubs as you wish - or simply stay on the HQ Roll if this better suits your lifestyle

  • Receive our weekly email updates from around the Corps Family

  • Plus much more!

Full Membership£15 a year*

For serving and former Royal Marines, Royal Marines Reservists, Royal Marines Band Service Musicians and members of the Armed Forces who have served on the strength of a Royal Marines Unit, Headquarters or Establishment.

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Associate Membership£15 a year*

For families and friends with a Royal Marines connection or for supporters of the Royal Marines.

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Cadet Membership£5 a year

For members of the Royal Marines Cadet Corps, the Sea Cadets or the Combined Cadet Corps.

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The Commando

Be the first to
understand; the
first to adapt and
respond; and the
first to overcome.

The Commando Values

  • Excellence. Strive to do better.
  • Integrity. Tell the truth.
  • Self-discipline. Resist the easy option.
  • Humility. Respect the rights, diversity and contribution of others

The Commando Spirit

  • Courage. Get out front and do what is right.
  • Determination. Never give up.
  • Unselfishness. Oppo first; team second; self last.
  • Cheerfulness. Make humour the heart of morale.

Why our members enjoy being part of the RMA

Meeting squaddies, old oppos, also recruits and officers that I took through training. Commemorate those who are no longer with us and support those suffering injuries.
I am giving something back. In my first job I relied on the Marines for security. I am now in a position with my work and lifestyle to help. I have been involved with helping a lad find a job in London, the local branch and fundraising... I am now starting to focus more on the welfare side of things. It is nice to help someone and see it make a difference.
*Some individual branches may also charge a small subscription.