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Romford Branch's Wet Weekend Away - in support of the RMA-TRMC

Romford Branch recently spent a weekend "in the field" fundraising for the RMA.-TRMC at The War and Peace Revival Show in Kent  Six Romford Branch fundraisers were out again last weekend, fromThursday to Saturday, in appalling weather! Thursday 38 plus degrees (like pigs in a sauna) Thursday night ,thunder, lightning and torrential rain from 0300 until lunchtime Friday, followed by another hot humid day with the public only showing their faces briefly in the late afternoon. Friday night again from about 0200 the heavens opened and we were already struggling to get around the showground because of the mud and all the tracked vehicles making it worse. It rained continually from 0200 right through the day with hardly any members of the public brave enough to venture out to see us. We did have to call it quits and leave the showground early as if we had left it to later we would have been unable to leave due to the increasing mud levels and with the risk the vehicles would be bogged down.

We did have a great laugh even though the weather did its best to spoil it, still that's life!.  Thanks again to Jon Phillips for the use of his Stug 3 and his Marder.  

We as  are out again this weekend (7/8/9 August) at Echoes of History Show run by Essex Historical Military Vehicle Trust, lets hope the weather is kinder to us ...

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