• I'm about the leave the Royal Marines, where can I find guidance on career transition?


    During your resettlement process you may be advised to attend a career transition workshop, or you'll have a Resettlement Officer who will guide you to relevant organisations and courses. The official MOD programme is the tri-service 'Career Transition Partnership'. On their website you'll find resettlement guides, career courses and workshops, jobs and networking events.

    The Royal Marines Charity provides access to employment opportunities to those leaving the service:

    For those leaving through medical or administrative discharge, we provide an enhanced careers service, delivering careers advice and guidance and opportunities for funding. If you fall into these categories, please contact the Employment and Education team on or 01392 346421/9.

  • I think I might be suffering with a mental health illness, can you help me?


    Either in the military environment or as a veteran, at some point nearly all of us will experience a mental illness to some degree. Why some people are affected more than others has no simple answer but nevertheless, for a short period, they may need assistance.

    We can help assess you. Your answers are confidential and will not be shared with anyone except the practitioners or staff who will be delivering your support. Please call 0800 468 1664 or email who will be able to advise you with seeking appropriate support.

  • I was injured while serving in the Royal Marines, can I claim compensation?


    You can claim compensation if you were injured or got an illness while serving in the UK’s Armed Forces (including the Reserve Forces). You can claim for any type of injury or illness that happened as a result of your service, e.g. amputation, minor fracture or mental disorder. The compensation scheme your claim will be considered under depends on when you were injured (on or after 6 April 2005, or before April 2005).

    For more on eligibity and how to apply visit

  • How can I keep my family nearby when I'm recovering from injury or sickness during Service?


    When you get the phone call to say your loved one is seriously ill or wounded, the last thing you want to worry about is where you’ll stay to be near them. 

    SSAFA can provide you and your family with a safe and comfortable place to stay near your loved ones whilst they recover from illness or injury. 

    The 'Fisher House' home is located at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, SSAFA also provides homes in Selly Oak just a few minutes away from The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and at Headley near the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre. 

    You can find out more information at

  • Would it be possible to have a Royal Marine Bugler attend the funeral service?


    For those who have served as a Royal Marine or Royal Marines Reservist to full service or that received a campaign medal, they may be eligible to have a serving Royal Marine Bugler attend their funeral service for no cost.

    To request a Bugler, please fill in the attached form and send to

    Please be aware that due to COVID19 restrictions, it is not always possible to provide a Bugler, however HQ RM Band Service will do their best to support the RN and RM Family. Please contact HQ RM Band Service directly on the the email address above at the earliest opportunity. 


  • Can I place an obituary on your website?


    You're more than welcome to let us know of the person you've sadly lost by filling in the short request form on this page. Alternatively you can email an obituary to 

    Please allow a couple of working days for us to process the request before we publish the details on the website.

  • Where can I find information about my Forces pension?


    The Pension & Annual Allowance Calculator provides a guide to the pension benefits you could expect to receive under Armed Forces Pension Schemes.

    The Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA) run the JPAC Enquiry Centre, which deals with various issues including pension and pay. If you have such a query please contact JPAC on the details below with your service number to hand.

    The centre is open from 07:00 - 19:00 Monday - Friday.

    Tel: 0141 224 3600

    Freephone: 0800 085 3600

    Overseas: +44 141 224 3600

    Military: 94560 3600


  • I'm struggling with debt, is there anyone who can help me?


    You may be eligible for a grant. Please contact our Welfare Team with a brief outline of your situation and the best way we contact you. For an overview of how the RMA can assist in the welfare process please see the diagram on the need our help page.

  • If I move, how do I transfer my membership to a different RMA Branch?


    Many members join more than one branch or club. When you log into your online account, you'll see what membership(s) you currently hold and you can request additional membership to, or cancellation of, membership to your chosen branches/clubs.

  • I cannot always attend Branch events and meetings; can I still be part of that Branch?


    We understand that there will be other commitments and priorities in your life. If you cannot attend a Branch or Club event, the Secretaries will keep you informed of anything you may have missed.

  • Can the RMA help with someone who is isolated or home-bound?


    We are one large family, and if we know of anyone who could benefit from our contact, we can begin an outreach programme. Please contact your Branch Secretary or Central Office.

  • I'd like to invite someone I know to join the RMA; will they be eligibile?


    The Royal Marines Association provides a national support and social network for you and your family, whatever stage you’re at in your life and your Royal Marines career.

    We have different types of membership. You'll find the eligibility criteria to join the RMA on the join us page.

  • Is there any guidance on family relationships?


    When a family member joins the Service, the whole family unit is affected. The Naval Families Federation can link you to national organisations that specialise in advising particular family members.

    If you do not feel that any of those agencies are appropriate the NFF can provide further assistance.

  • How do I log into my online account?


    Members of the RMA can log into their online account to access member-only content, book event tickets and to update personal details.

    To do this, your email address must already exist within Central Offices' records. If you've never supplied your email address, or have changed your email address please contact with your new email address, then follow the steps below.

    To log in for the first time, or if you've forgotten your login details, please also follow the steps below:

    1. Go to: (or click the 'login' link at the very top of this page)

    2. Ignore what you see on screen, just scroll straight to the bottom of the page and click the ‘forgot your password?’ link

    3. Enter your email address and press the 'request password reset’ button

    4. You will be sent an email with a unique link to reset your 8-character password (please note the link is only active for 12 hours). If the link expires, please repeat the above steps.

    5. Once you've set an 8-character password, this is your online account now "activated". This means you can log into the members area and also 'login' when prompted for things like booking event tickets.

    6. Moving forward, whenever you log in, your ‘username' will always be your email address; your password will be whatever you chose as part of the above process. Please also remember that your password will be case-sensitive, so if you ever mis-type it (or mis-type your email address), the system won't let you in until you've typed both correctly.

  • Does the RMSN just look after Members of the RMA?


    No, they look after all Royal Marines Veterans and their Families

  • How many years do you have to been a Veteran to qualify for assistance?


    A Veteran is anyone who has completed one day’s paid Service in the Royal Marines

  • How many people are in the Royal Marines Support Network?


    There are approximately 57“RM Support Officers” in the RMSN. They are all volunteers and have a strong connection to the Royal Marines either having served or through a Corps Family connection. 

  • Are all the Support Officers male?


    No, 5% of our Support Officers are female. If a spouse or partner specifically requests a female Support Officer VSO, generally, one will be allocated to the case.


  • Are all Support Officers Members of the RMA?


    Yes, to conform to our stringent RMVS insurance requirements all Support Officers VSO’s are required to be Full or Associate Members of the RMA 

  • I suspect my spouse/partner may have some psychological issues following their operational tour(s), can the RMSN help?


    Yes, whilst our case workers are not mental health clinicians (some are), Support Officers do not make diagnoses. However they have the experience and training to recognise certain indicators to assist them to signpost the Veteran Client to the appropriate agency. (There is a useful document called “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” to be found  in this Section of the Website.