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The 2019 Graspan Parade, Service and Reception

Sunday 12th May, 2019
Starts 10:15 Ends 00:00


Horseguards Parade


From £18.00 per ticket

The annual Graspan parade, service and reception will take place on Sunday 12th May 2019. After the success of last year it is vital that we build upon this and keep growing the numbers of serving, and former Royal Marines that parade and march at our memorial in London. The event can only continue if the Royal Parks, the police and other agencies deem it worthy of their resources, and considerable efforts that go into supporting the event………………..The ball is in your court!!

PLEASE get together with your branches, your oppo’s and as many bootnecks as you can. Use social media, smoke signals or baked bean tins with string in-between if you need to but get the call to action out that this is a great day that is only enhanced by more of you being there. 

If the thought of the march is putting you off then you can fall in with the static contingent that will be on parade that can then fall out as we prepare to step off and you can then take a leisurely stroll to Horse Guards to watch to final stages of the march as the VIP takes the salute. 

Your Corps Family needs you!!


Timings and detail for the day are as follows (subject to change)

0915 – 1015    Coaches and minibuses that have pre-booked parking need to arrive and park in North Ride, adjacent to the Mall. If you are not in place by this time you may not get in due to current security restrictions in place in that area of London.
If you require a coach/minibus/disabled parking pass then please contact Ops Manager Richie Puttock ( / 07518192594) with your vehicle details as soon as possible and no later than Tuesday 8th May. You will not be sent your pass but on the day your details will be checked by security and your driver will then be issued with a pass to be displayed in your vehicles window at all times during its stay on North Ride. 
Note.   This year your vehicle must enter the Mall via Admiralty Arch, and not via Pall Mall and Marlborough Road. Your driver will be directed via security once you reach the entrance to North Ride.
1015 – 1115    RMA participants and spectators arrive, collect programmes and enjoy each others company.
1135 – The parade starts to form up on Horseguards under the direction of the Parade Staff.
1145 – The parade marches to the Graspan Memorial
1200 – 1230    Parade and service at the Graspan Memorial
1230 – (approximately) The parade steps off to march down the Mall and back up Birdcage Walk to return to Horseguards Parade. The static contingent are able to fall out at this point.
1300 -  The parade is dismissed from Horseguards Parade.
1330  - All coaches and minibuses are to have departed North Ride via Admiralty Arch
1330 – Reception opens at the Union Jack Club. Your ticket allows you access to the UJC, food and any two drinks from the bar. (standard measures for spirits and wine) Tickets are available from the RMA Website and are extremely good value at just £18.00 per ticket.   
Coaches and minibuses may drop off at the UJC but will then have to make their own parking arrangements, however in London on a Sunday parking restrictions in many places are lifted so this should not cause too many problems.
1700 – Reception officially ends but you are welcome to remain at the UJC for as long as you wish and enjoy their hospitality.


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  • Graspan 2019 - Reception at the UJC

    This ticket allows you access to the UJC, food and any two drinks from the bar (standard measures for spirits and wine).

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