Once a Marine,
Always a Marine

Whether a member is just starting their career with the Royal Marines; serving full-time or with the Reserve; preparing for civilian life or already there, belonging to the Royal Marines Association puts them at the very heart of the Royal Marines Family.

Camaraderie and Support Through Life


We provide a constant thread of practical help, stability and a fantastic social life at all stages in a member’s life, and it is our aim to be the instinctive place to which they, and their family, turn for camaraderie and support – wherever in the world they may be.

Presence throughout the UK and Overseas


With our network of UK and overseas branches there will always be a friendly face nearby with plenty of local knowledge – making career-transition or re-location for members and their families that little bit easier.

Always a Part of the Royal Marines Family


It isn’t always possible for members to get to a branch but with our regular updates and invitations to socials, everyone is kept close to the Corps Family and its activities.

When our members were asked what they enjoyed
most about belonging to the RMA, they replied:

“Banter and Friendship.”
“Knowing that there is always someone out there who understands you and your needs as a Bootneck and to be able to reciprocate where possible.”
“Meeting squaddies, old oppos, also recruits and officers that I took through training. Commemorate those who are no longer with us and support those suffering injuries.”
“Being able to assist and support the Branch with all their endeavours. It certainly helps being a serving member as we have access to more areas and SME's when it comes to organising events... It all helps.”
“I am giving something back. In my first job I relied on the Marines for security. I am now in a position with my work and lifestyle to help. I have been involved with helping a lad find a job in London, the local branch and fundraising... I am now starting to focus more on the welfare side of things. It is nice to help someone and see it make a difference.”
“The sense of family.”
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